Duck egg blue

Did you know? Duck egg blue décor works well with neutral shades such as taupe and beige. It looks fantastic against a white backdrop for a chic and polished look. Duck egg blue also works well with chocolate brown, navy and deep purple to create a bold contrast. It also goes well with other pastel shades for a romantic look. As an added bonus, duck egg blue works equally well with silver and gold accents...

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Mirror Nightstand

They are designed to be placed beside the bed but can also stand elsewhere in the bedroom as well if the design or layout require it. Depending on their design and material, they can differently impact the interior décor of the room. Mirrored nightstand, for example, can add depth to the room and make it seem more spacious and bright

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Space savers

A bedroom space is where you get ready for the day, store your clothes and accessories, and relax at night. Maybe it even has to double as a work space. So how do you do all that in a tiny bedroom space? The trick is to look for space saving bedroom furniture and be open to some unconventional small space solutions 2 in 1 mirrored shoe rack USD 180

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Use cushion to add character

Once reserved for the wealthy and royal, cushions are now an item of everyday luxury that complete spaces ranging from living rooms and bedrooms to outdoor seating areas. Deceptively named 'throw cushions' and 'scatter cushions,' mixing and matching these decorative pillows actually requires a little bit of know-how to get them looking just right. "Interior styling relies on cushions," says interior designer and stylist Megan Morton. "They're the 'red-lipstick of the lounge,'" she adds. Not only will perfectly-placed cushions make your sofa or bed look great, they will make it appear more cosy and inviting too. And these days, cushions are one of the most cost-effective ways to refresh your home. Invest in good-quality cushion inserts and swap over the cushion covers for an instant room refresh.

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Abstract Rug

Like artwork, abstract area rugs are a creative way to add a dimension to your new home’s modern style. We love this trend because these unique rugs are gorgeous multi-taskers – they incorporate art in a distinctive way, anchor a room, and add character and warmth. Similar to pillows, area rugs are easy to change, and, like modern art, they can be colorful or understated. Plus, their abstract theme is the perfect complement to contemporary spaces. That’s a lot of boxes checked by one home décor element! USD 120 size 160x230cm

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Bedroom Makeover

The bedroom is arguably one of the most important rooms of your house. This is the place you’re going to be spending the most time in and it’s your sanctuary away from the stresses of the day. It’s the room you’re going to recharge and relax in, so it’s important you feel comfortable in it. No matter the size of the bedroom you’re working with, revamping your style every once in awhile, is a great way to try new things out and get rid of outdated décor. She said: I want to add life to my bedroom We said : Lets add yellow into the decor She clenched her teeth and reluctantly agreed..... After the make over she did not want to leave the room and her husband could not stop complimenting

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Mirrored Vanity Dresser

Turn a console table into a bedroom vanity by hanging a mirror above it and tucking a stool or chic chair underneath. Don't forget a light source, like a delicate table lamp, to finish this pretty spot for primping mirrored console table 250usd storage ottoman stool 60usd

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Butler's tray

This wooden butlers tray is a classic addition to any room, its simple design will look great with a traditional or modern interior style. It gives great storage or decor space. Available in mahogany,grey and white USD 35

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Cream Bedroom

Looking to give a mostly creamy white bedroom a little dose of sophisticated coolness? Then add a sprinkling of soft silvery gray and an additional touch of metallic gold. The result, as you see in the bedroom featured here, is serene and yet elegantly sophisticated.

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Personalise your space

Are you trying to add a little something to your gorgeous home but not sure what exactly to go for? Stop thinking furniture or furniture accessories, and go for an amazing flower arrangement that will set the mood for your whole home without breaking the bank. Take a good survey of your bedroom. Take into account the decor, colour schemes, natural light, and possible display surfaces. From there you can play around with your floral arrangements to best enhance your bedroom. Flowers have a strong healing energy of beauty and grace. According to Feng Shui tradition it’s not only about colors, it’s also about the number of flowers you want to add to your bedroom, about balance. Our suggestion for creating the most sensual atmosphere in the bedroom is to go with delicate flowers like peony, lotus, cherry blossoms, orchid, narcissus, or chrysanthemums.


Sheepskin Rug

USD 30 Add a layer of comfort with Sheepskin rug. Sheepskin’s textural look and ultra-soft feel brings a luxurious touch to bedrooms and living spaces.

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bedroom trinkets

Even with all of the essentials in place, your bedroom might still be lacking that special something. That’s because for the most part, it’s the accessories that transform a functional but plain room into a cozy and attractive space that feels welcoming after a long day. And there are certain accessories that work so well in the bedroom, you can give your space a whole new look just by adding them to the mix.

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A bed quilt adds a warm, comforting effect to a room, yet it doesn't lock your decorating into an old-fashioned style. Many quilts, even antique ones, blend well with contemporary decor. Whether you want to design a room that suits an heirloom quilt or coordinate a new color scheme, there's a decorating strategy to achieve the look you want. It's even possible to create a sleek, updated bedroom with a quilt on the bed. Queen size quilts from 50usd King size quilts 100usd

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For a more luxurious and perfect space add layers... Whether layers increase your physical comfort, please the eye, or hide parts of a room that make you cringe, there are tons of reasons to go multi-dimensional. You can add layers by layering throws, rugs, and other decor or mixing patterns, color, and fabrics.

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Children's room

Decorating children's bedrooms can be a challenge, considering that the rooms will need to grow and change as they mature. To make sure you don't end up with a style that your child is going to quickly outgrow, follow these design basics: 1. Choose flexible furniture When buying furniture, remember this tip: The simpler it is, the more flexible it is 2.Give them room to grow Children need plenty of space to move, play, store clothes and entertain friends. 3,Let the kids have a say Allow them to be creative and express their own personality by allowing them to choose some of the furnishings and colors in their bedroom.

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Chunky Knit Throws

A chunky throw blanket that isn't only great to make you feel cosy, but will also make your bedroom or living room decor a home stylish and textural 80usd Queen size

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  • Mirror

    Beyond their practical use as an aid for personal grooming, strategically adding mirrors to your bedroom, entryway, or living room will add life and sparkle to otherwise overlooked areas. Mirrors have almost a magical ability to make a room seem bigger and brighter and can be used to visually expand the size of small homes.

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  • Rugs

    Like artwork, area rugs are a creative way to add a dimension to your new home’s modern style. We love this trend because these unique rugs are gorgeous multi-taskers – they incorporate art in a distinctive way, anchor a room, and add character and warmth

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    The living room is the place where friends and family gather to spend quality time in a home, so it's important for it to be well-designed


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