Blue and beige

Cool and calm. Refreshing and serene. Mellow and classy. These pairs describe the irresistible duo. There are so many ways to incorporate beige and blue into a room,a corner or a style.its all up to you how you use it,but know that this duo is classic and will also bring a lot of rest and serenity for the space

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A bed quilt adds a warm, comforting effect to a room, yet it doesn't lock your decorating into an old-fashioned style. Many quilts, even antique ones, blend well with contemporary decor. Whether you want to design a room that suits an heirloom quilt or coordinate a new color scheme, there's a decorating strategy to achieve the look you want. It's even possible to create a sleek, updated bedroom with a quilt on the bed. Queen size quilts from 50usd King size quilts 100usd

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Children's room

Decorating children's bedrooms can be a challenge, considering that the rooms will need to grow and change as they mature. To make sure you don't end up with a style that your child is going to quickly outgrow, follow these design basics: 1. Choose flexible furniture When buying furniture, remember this tip: The simpler it is, the more flexible it is 2.Give them room to grow Children need plenty of space to move, play, store clothes and entertain friends. 3,Let the kids have a say Allow them to be creative and express their own personality by allowing them to choose some of the furnishings and colors in their bedroom.

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Chunky Knit Throws

A chunky throw blanket that isn't only great to make you feel cosy, but will also make your bedroom or living room decor a home stylish and textural 80usd Queen size

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  • Mirror

    Beyond their practical use as an aid for personal grooming, strategically adding mirrors to your bedroom, entryway, or living room will add life and sparkle to otherwise overlooked areas. Mirrors have almost a magical ability to make a room seem bigger and brighter and can be used to visually expand the size of small homes.

  • Kitchen

    Find ideas and tips for kitchen decorating, from farmhouse style kitchens to country, vintage, retro, modern and classic

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    Check out these stories you can't afford to miss.

  • Rugs

    Like artwork, area rugs are a creative way to add a dimension to your new home’s modern style. We love this trend because these unique rugs are gorgeous multi-taskers – they incorporate art in a distinctive way, anchor a room, and add character and warmth

  • Living Room

    The living room is the place where friends and family gather to spend quality time in a home, so it's important for it to be well-designed


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